Indifference Towards Trans People in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Before March 8, International Women’s Day, women came together at the demonstration in Istanbul Kadıköy. Thousands of women who came to Kadıköy were taken to the square after body search, while the Trans+ Cortege and rainbow symbols were not taken to the area for a long time. After the end of the demonstration, police officers followed the taxis that some trans women got into and detained them saying “There is a detention order against you” and using violence. The prosecutor requested for the arrest of these 9 people who were taken into custody.

The Referandom team of the CDR compiled the work of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in the 27th legislative year regarding problems faced by trans people and violations of their rights.

In this legislative year of the Assembly; while two of the five parliamentary questions regarding the ill-treatment, hate crimes, and violations of rights against trans people were not answered, three of them were answered after the deadline.

The law proposal, which obliges the private sector and public businesses to employ trans people at a certain minimum rate, did not come to the agenda of the General Assembly.

Research conducted by Engendered Penalties shows that 72% of non-trans men and 57% of non-trans women have full-time jobs among the participants, while this is 37% for trans men and 40% for trans women.

The research proposal aimed at identifying the problems faced by trans women and the law proposal for doing what is necessary to ensure that trans people do not face discrimination while benefiting from social services did not come to the agenda of the General Assembly.

21% of trans people who participated in the Engendered Penalties research stated that they refrained from going out to the streets, and 72% stated that they were subjected to any form of harassment.